Secret of Weight Loss Revealed at Last

Did you know there are 13 different elements to successful weight loss? Did you also know that diets do not work! Take a look around you and you will see how well diets are working – obesity is now the #1 epidemic on the planet so whatever you have been told it is obviously not working. Let’s just say there is a lot more to it than cutting back on calories and working out.

Losing Weight and Never Finding it Again

I know from experience what it is like to struggle terribly to lose a few pounds only to gain it all back plus – it is depressing (which causes more overeating!). When my wife said she wanted to try the Slenderiiz Weight Loss plan I basically said “you go ahead honey – there is no hope for me” (that didn’t fly – she was NOT going to diet alone). So we did the diet and lost over 90 pounds together in a few short months but the best part this time is we never put the weight back on! I was a YoYo dieter all of my adult life so this was very different for me.

Ground Breaking Weight Loss Discovery

Tim Sales did some VERY intensive research on the nuances of Fat Loss and why some programs work while others do not.  Each diet addresses certain aspects of weight loss but none of them addressed all 13 elements required for losing the fat once and for all.  If you look at my crazy before and after picture above you can see what big (pun intended) trouble I was in before I lost weight…and that was over 2 years ago now. Unlike every other diet I have tried over the decades of frustrating YoYo dieting this time I kept it off, in fact I even lost more weight since then (down over 62 pounds now).

Learning the Secrets of Permanent Fat Loss

Have you ever heard people say it is all about working out and burning calories etc.? Did you know this is wrong!

It is true that working out is good for you but when it comes to losing weight it is not as important as you think. I lost over 62 pounds  and have not been to a gym since the 90s – Lisa Cummings in the wheelchair below is paralyzed from the chest down and she has certainly not worked out either.  She is down over 130 pounds now so it is obvious it is not about working out.

Look at Lisa’s before and after pictures:


Instead of regaining the weight Lisa lost even more – she is down 140 lbs now!

Click here to see more before and after pictures.

Getting Your Life Back

This is not just about losing weight – it is about rebooting your life! I was on the brink of serious health issues with Heart attack being just one of them. High blood pressure, thrombophlebitis (swelling and pain!), and borderline diabetic were just some of the issues I was having. A friend of ours did a little video interview about our weight loss story – see if you can relate:

New Hybrid Version of Slenderiiz Diet To Be Released

The Slenderiiz program has proven to be one of a kind but it is about to get even better.There is a new  “hybrid” version being released that has been proven to help people lose 3 times the fat they normally do on other diets.  It is backed by the same 100% money back guarantee the Slenderiiz program comes, has been clinically proven to help people lose 1/2 to 2/3 pounds a day, but the huge benefit with this new program is it includes Professional Coaching and Education that ensure you will never find that weight again. When you learn the 13 elements for successful weight loss you will become a Master of food and lose those crazy cravings once and for all.

We have been running “weight loss beta programs” in 2015 and the results have been more than stunning but time is running out. We have been allowing people to participate for free but when this new weight loss program is released to the public it will cost to participate.

Get In on the Last Beta Group Now

If you have been thinking about losing weight then this is your big chance to reach your goals AND never find that weight again!


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