Obesity and Diabetes Crisis – Coming Soon to a Town Near You

This shocking video on being overweight really put things in perspective. Obesity and Diabetes start with being a few pounds overweight and progresses to being hopelessly overweight. I have an idea how that feels as I was over 250 pounds and had all the signs of heart attack and diabetes staring me in the face when I was 50 years old.  I remember having chest pains so bad I thought “this is it” and I had to pull to the side of the road holding my chest in pain. Other times I would be on our morning walks and climbing the hills I would feel the chest pains again and have to slow up/take  a breath. I figured out then and there that being overweight was just the beginning of a life of misery. I took care of my Mom when as her diabetes progressed to amputations and eventually dementia to the degree she no longer knew my name. It is a wake up call.

Obesity and Diabetes Crisis in Real Time

Last month one of my wife’s co-workers went into Cardiac arrest right in front of us as we were launching our boat – we watched as the paramedics tried to bring him back and you could see his huge belly go up and down as they pumped his chest to try and revive him. I heard his son tell the medics he was diabetic and had been on a lot of pills to for the diabetes…and he looked to be my age. As his face turned a pale grey I knew he was not coming back and the scene was very somber as his son watched on. Being overweight is serous business and unless you are ready to watch your quality of life plummet into “procedures” or worse yet, cardiac arrest, it is time to take action.

Fat City USA – and we are not talking Wealthy

I saw this video the other day and it inspired me to do this blog about this. I have never seen anything like it and it certainly brings new meaning to the words “Fat City”. It features a town in Indiana where 38% of the population are obese. We are not just talking overweight, we are talking 700+ pounds overweight. The star of the video, Dr. Christian,  brings one of his overweight patients all the way from the U.K. to see what her future will look like if she does not take action now.

Here is the video:

Shocking is it not?

I have been off the Slenderiiz weight loss program for over a year now and have not put the weight back on – I am 55 pounds less than I used to be and I feel like my life was given back to me. How about you? Would you like your life back too?

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