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Tim Sales

Network Marketing Training and Network Marketing Tools by Tim Sales are a powerful benefit of being an Ariix Independent Representative.  Leveraging these tools on hugely popular social media sites like Facebook can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your Internet Marketing efforts. In this post I will show how to run an ad on Facebook that leads to a special video Tim Sales created for Network Marketing Professionals.

Network Marketing Training with Tim Sales

Training in Network Marketing makes all the difference between success or failure in your Network Marketing business. Tim Sales has helped millions succeed and his training seminars, video and audio MLM courses are praised as being some of the best in the industry. With Ariix you have access to key components of Tim Sales training legacy, specifically the Tim Sales Professional Inviter training. Tim Sales Professional Inviter Course is now contained in the Ariix Business Orientation System (B.O.S.) which is integratedwith the Ariix back office. If you a Network Marketing Professional you know the importance of training, duplication, and consistency in building an organization. With Ariix these all important concepts are integrated and  available to you and your Team 24/7.

In addition to Tim Sales Professional Inviter course being part of the Ariix BOS we also have morning training calls starting at 7:30 am every day – these are for people who are serious about building a big business with Ariix. The calls are hosted by some of our Team Members who have worked with Tim for years and are certified “Professional Inviter trainers” and “Master Communicators”.  We do regular webinars and conference calls to help reinforce the skills you need to be successful in this business and use the best of technology to give you a broader reach.  In a nutshell, the Ariix Business Orientation System or B.O.S. is one of the best training systems I have ever seen – and I have seen many over the last 17 years in this industry.

Network Marketing Tools from Tim Sales

In addition to the Network Marketing Training you get with Ariix there are also many state of the art tools that are available to you. Tim Sales video presentations like “Brilliant Compensation” and “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday” are videos with years of statistics behind them proving their effectiveness and are included with the ARIIX Explosive Income System. There is no need to reinvent the wheel with adhoc unproven “systems”. Tim Sales has invested millions in developing his training systems and has carefully measured the effectiveness (if you are not familiar with Tim Sales Professional Training materials you can view them at If you watched the video on my Why Tim Sales joined Ariix blog you will remember he made it clear he would be responsible for the training Ariix Independent Representatives receive.  Well, not only has he given us the B.O.S. but he also sanctioned the ARIIX Explosive Income System. The ARIIX Explosive Income System is a state of the art online marketing system with the key features required in being a successful internet marketer.

ARIIX Explosive Income System

ARIIX Explosive Income System has a robust back office that includes video email, audio emails, has built-in auto responders, robust tutorial videos, email templates, ability to import/export contact lists, HTML library for embedding custom web pages and forms, custom landing pages, inline CSS, and of course a robust contact manager with advanced filtering, and much more.

The following video overview on the ARIIX Explosive income system will give you a glimpse of how powerful this system is:

I have been using systems like this for many years and even wrote one of the first data base driven recruiting systems back in the late 90s…things have come a long way since then!  The ARIIX Explosive Income System is very robust but one of the best features is it includes online Videos by Mr. Tim Sales himself – which are of course very Professional. The system currently comes with multiple built-in autoresponder campaigns targeted at different audiences (i.e. there is a Puritii Water Filter bottle campaign with traffic generating landing pages, a ARIIX Slenderiiz Weight Loss campaign that get traffic from custom weight loss landing pages,  one with a  landing page for Network Marketers and the other landing page with Tim Sales Brilliant Compensation video (for people who are unfamiliar with MLM), and now there are marketing campaigns for different product lines.

Tim Sales Marketing Campaigns for Professional Network Marketers

If you have been in this industry as long as I have you or someone you know have probably seen or experienced injustice in the MLM Industry. In my case I spent 8 years with a large Telecom MLM company, reached the top of the pay plan, and the company reached a billion in sales with over a million Independent Distributors. I thought I’d never have to get a J.O.B. again…wrong! The company went retail and gave us a 30 day notice! People  earning 6 figures a month were making zero 30 days later. That is just one story – I was with 2 more companies and built up a nice business with thousands of distributors etc. only have them “enhance”  their compensation plan. Yea, right. In one case my check got whacked by 90%, and the other company changed the comp plan a week after I just qualified for a New Mercedes Benz. Mercedes Benz gone! When I first watched Tim Sales Speaks Out video I was impressed to see him speak out so boldly on the Industry Injustices out there. Not familiar with MLM Industry injustices? Read my blog about one of my firends who was a top earner at ViSalus Sciences getting terminated.

This Marketing Campaign is called “Tim Sales Speaks Out” and is a series of 3 different videos with a “Close to Action” page at the end. When you watch these videos it will really help you understand and appreciate the “Ariix Distributor Bill of Rights”.

Tim Sales Marketing Campaigns for People Unfamiliar with MLM

This landing page features Tim Sales new Brilliant Compensation video and a special video he created called “What the Wealthy Buy on Payday“. as you know from the millions of downloads this video has had it is obviously a very effective tool. I have been using this tool to introduce people to Network Marketing since the 90s and it is the best tool to use to overcome the #1 objection in Network Marketing – and we all know what that one is (hint – there are several in Egypt).


If you are familiar with MLSP, Empower Network, or the myriad of other internet marketing systems and courses on the web these days you may wonder if the ARIIX Explosive Income System will be as effective at lead generation. If you consider Tim Sales is the most successful person in the Network Marketing industry and is our Master Distributor I believe  we have a distinct edge. Tim was a much sought after (still is) MLM industry consultant and trainer and of  his marketing expertise is well known. One of the things I really like is how he has PROVEN strategies and a very methodical approach that just plain works. The ARIIX Explosive Income System is in the beginning stages but I know you will be hearing a lot about it in the coming years. The ARIIX Internet Team is dedicated to helping our team prosper and implement these great technologies. If your goal is to earn $100k a year in ARIIX (listen to one of our training calls where Tim Sales describes how to set goals and earn 100k in ARIIX) we are dedicated to helping you achieve that. If you just want to earn a few extra thousand a month then we can give you the road map to achieve that too. Whatever your goals are we are here to help and as far as using the ARIIX Explosive Income System to help you achieve those goals I guess you might call us the ARIIX Geek Squad – we look forward to helping thousands of Entrepreneurs achieve their goals with this system.


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