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Ariix Water Filtration Bottle

Why The Ariix Water Filtration Bottle?

Polluted drinking waters are a problem for about half of the world’s population. Each year there  are about 250 million cases of water-based diseases, resulting in roughly 5 to 10 million deaths. In order to get safe drinking water consumers have turned to filtered and spring water – and most of it comes in plastic bottles. Americans spent over $15 Billion on bottled water last year – representing about 50 Billion plastic bottles that were pitched into land fill. Globally, that number swells to about 200 billion bottles which of course end up in our land fills and water  supplies.

Ariix Water Filtration Bottle with Zeolite Filter

ariix water filtration bottleThe Ariix Water Filtration Bottle is the perfect product at the perfect  time. The Ariix water filtration bottle with Zeolite filter (click here to learn about Zeolite) removes 99.99999% of all  contaminants (does not filter Malaria) and is easy to carry with you wherever you go.  Now you will be able to carry one of these with you and filter tap water, stream water, lake water, or whatever water, and have perfect drinking water to quench your thirst. Another important benefit is the “Green Effect” this will have on our land fill and environment in general.  It will  no longer be necassary to buy drinking water in plastic bottles (the Zeolyte filters last about 3 months – how many plastic bottles will that save?) or purchase expensive water filtration systems. This will be especially valuable in environments where the water supplies are highly contaminated.

This new product will not only save consumers a lot of money not having to buy bottled water (about $7 a bottle in China) it will also help save our environment in a huge way. The filters last about 3 months depending on how polluted the water is.

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